The Power of Influence

The principle of influence has a two fold application since people can have a negative effect on us as well as a positive effect. On your journey to achieve your goals, you will stir up both those who want to help you and those who want to hinder you.

The Nairobi Stock Exchange

In order to understand the stock exchange we must venture to the rationale for it: Why does it exist?

Most people have been involved in trade in its simple forms, say, buying tomatoes in the grocery shop and giving money in exchange for the tomatoes. Well, that is the basic theory of tra de and that is what the stock exchange means in its rudimentary form.

A Review of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested – Sir Francis Bacon.

Robinson Crusoe is the hero and shortened title of The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner. It is Daniel Defoe’s (1659-1731) most famous work of art and has even been described as an immortal classic, loved by people of varied ages and backgrounds.

Radio Avenue

Have you ever wondered about the radio industry in Kenya? Have you ever taken a stroll along Radio Avenue and made a critical observation of the quality of work done there? Maybe you have, or maybe you have never.

My First Steps

Have you ever gone somewhere, not sure why you are going there or what you will find there? That is the exact feeling I got the first time I made up my mind to come to Satima. The feeling was so strong that it aroused some element of anxiety in my blood stream. Ideas of what I would find there kept bombarding my brain. I could feel shock waves on my nerves. To my amazement, the shocks were more like music from within. I was almost dancing to its tunes.

Stressed out at work

In Pursuit of Happiness

A few years ago, contraceptives were rejected as being contrary to human dignity. Divorce was an exceptional phenomenon which attracted the wrath of social stigma and no woman would contemplate abortion. A criminal offence it was, as grave as murder.