One more way to get the most out of the Mass (Q&A 89)


by Ram Ritho

Q.  But while we’re waiting for May, what was the third point you had in mind?
A. Oh. That your observations are also subjectively valid. Indeed. Sometimes the reason we leave Mass bored, uninspired and unmotivated is because the priest is not well refined in points one and two above. For example, chemistry can be a very intriguing discipline; but if the teacher is not herself enthused about it then she cannot pass on to her students an enthusiasm she does not have.

Q. So anything someone like me can do in such a case?
A. Yes.

If you are friends with the priest, mention it to him. Tell him what are the areas you think can be improved in the way he celebrates Mass. Maybe it’s in the way he prepares his homilies that could do with a few more concrete day-to-day examples, or a few more illustrative stories, maybe it’s in the audibility of his voice or use of the microphone, maybe it is for him to instruct the choir to rehearse better…

Q. Lol! I don’t think I’m that tight with the priest… Will feel a bit awkward me giving him advice.
A. For which reason you can instead speak to the parish council and ask them to handle the matter.

Q. Oh.
A. Yup.

Q. That’s it?
A. Those are the three points I had in mind.

Q. Cheers! Thanks!
A. Karibu!

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