Another reason to go to Mass (Q&A 88)


by Ram Ritho

Q. Second point…?
A. Second point is you cannot love what you do not know. This applies both with things and with people. St. Paul speaks of it in his letter to the Romans: “But how are men to call upon him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without a preacher? And how can men preach unless they are sent?” (Rm 10:14-15)

Knowledge feeds love because knowledge avails more data about the beloved for which reason the lover simply has more “stuff” to love the beloved about. This is why the Church advocates for courtship for those intending to get married, postulancy and seminary for those after the religious or clerical life. It is a chance to be fully informed; to know more of who or what you’re getting into.

The same principle holds with the Mass: we will love the Mass only as much as we know what it really is, only as much as we understand what is going on before our very eyes. So if we know a lot about the Mass, its images, references, truths, symbolism, history, miracle etc, we have a lot we can love about it i.e. the Mass will leave us enthralled and inspired just like a petrolhead in a car bazaar. If we know or understand little about the Mass, then we will love it little i.e. we will be bored, uninspired and unmotivated just like myself and cricket (I simply don’t understand the game so it bores me).

Q. So… Are you going to explain the meaning, symbolism and history of the Mass?
A. Here?

Q. Ye!
A. I couldn’t possibly! There’s too much to say! Plenty of books have been written on it as a sacrifice, as a sacrament, as a marriage banquet, as a covenant…

Q. Ok. Then could you at least organise a Q&A talk or something on it?
A. I could if there were sufficient people interested… You get the audience, and I’ll get a speaker.

Q. Maybe in May? Coz I have exams next month.
A. Works with me… But I’ll leave the initiative with you.

Q. Deal!
A. Sawa!

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