Homosexuality and its criminalization in Kenya

SLCA functional society, I believe, is one founded on order. Order properly known and understood in its jurisdiction, order that is steadfast in its postulation and demands only what is reasonable from the citizenry. It is against this background that Section 162 of the Penal Code governs Kenyan inhabitants.

Thus, to attempt to condone an act in direct contravention of a written law can actually be viewed as an affront to the very order our society owes its existence to; a symbolic rejection of the penal system of our republic in its entirety. For law so old can only be based on logic that has seen mankind advance socially to the present, with as much promise of continued growth….

For the full essay please follow this link: Illegality of Homosexuality -Joseph Wasonga

2 comments to “Homosexuality and its criminalization in Kenya”
  1. Casuistry at best. homosexuals pose no danger to anyone. Morality cannot be used to infringe upon the private practices of a few who the majority do not like.

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