Satima Alumni Reunion on 30th September, as it happened

Alumni chatting with Silvano Borrusso

The STYPs BBQ was splendid! It was sumptuous nyam chom mixed with ugali and sukuma! You can guess what the drinks were. For those who were not there, please allow your imagination to run wild.

As usual, after having such a hearty meal, people became happy and developed some eloquence which was not there before. There was enough sarakasi!


We had Mr. Boruso giving us a short introduction about the beginnings and development of centres in Kenya. Thereafter, Henry gave us an overview of the different young professional activities organized for recently married couples and some who are still prospecting(I think you can guess what I mean here!)…I can send you specifics in case you are interested.


Our Star Chefs!

Last but not least, we had a brainstorming session by Kanjama. As usual, during the get-together, the humorous Kanji was trying to develop an acronym for the alumni activities. Many acronyms were presented, FIRST, FAST… The second option was deemed more appropriate. The acronym stands for Friends and Alumni of Satima Today. I think the last T was a bit forced, since there were two options: together or today. Anyway, we shall see how the young baby FAST matures.


The Get Together

Kevin Tiren also informed us of the different projects which Satima intends to initiate as we approach our tenth anniversary (in the next two years). The idea is to have 3 different projects completed: study and study room projects; chapel projects; having a rolling fund for sponsoring university students for different activities. You may be approached personally to see how you may help in one way or another- the buzz words or key principles for these endeavours are generosity and fostering values.

 Please visit this link for photos taken during the BBQ:

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