The STYPs Kikao on Finance, Investment and Entrepreneurship

On Saturday, 8th of September we had the last installment of the get-togethers (GTs) on Finance, Investment and Entrepreneurship. These GTs have been running for the past two months.

In the previous month, that is August, we had Mr. Santino Mahinya (KPMG) giving us the basic principles of investment in financial instruments. He covered issues one needs to be aware of before investing, which types of investments are suitable given time and resource constraints (long term vis-à-vis short term investments)… The GT was an eye opener to many.

 Thereafter, this month, we had Mr. Robert Mathenge, an entrepreneur in the transport and mitumba business giving us the basics of entrepreneurship. We walked with him, albeit mentally, his life path to becoming an entrepreneur. The risks he had to take; the way Providence has worked in his life. The main issues he stressed were: to be an entrepreneur one needs to be bold enough to take risks; risks need to be calculated risks; always have a back-up plan, that is if possible, have two businesses running concurrently; it is always important to be transparent to one’s family especially one’s wife- he stressed that women have instincts far superior than men and that their instincts are very beneficial when deciding when and where to invest; for the people who have families, always introduce the children into the business. It is important to be transparent with them when things are good and when things are bad; develop alternative ways of financing a business; for the professionals in formal employment, there is need for them to engage in business because they will not be employed for life-employers pay people to stay and not to leave; being an entrepreneur is interesting and fun, but one has to be ready to face disappointments. The GT was, as some young lads put it, the bomb!!! The scenarios he brought out challenged people and at the same time left all reflecting- why don’t I start a business like yesterday?

 The GT was very informal. Many lads had interesting questions. We discovered that at least 50% of the professionals who attended the GT had their own side businesses. Some people also shared their experiences and later, towards the end, it was time to network and exchange contacts.

This month, on the 30th of September (Sunday), we have the STYPs reunion. We shall have two mbuzis. So ensure your stomach has enough space. The reunion begins at 12pm, with Mass and thereafter the bbq and open forum. The cost is Kshs. 500. Do make it a point to attend!


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