The Group at the top of Kilimanjaro

Last sunday we went for an excursion to Kilimambogo. It was just the booomb. We were eleven in total. It was amazing that at the beginning fellows were impatient to the extent of wanting to open the gate for the game warden. We arrived at the foot of the mountain at 12pm. We were informed that we had to be accompanied by an armed guard. Guys thought it was a joke. Indeed, we got one after paying a few shillingis. The condition was we get one or else we stay in the matatu. After JD, Maurice and Santino exercised their negotiating skills we left at around 12.15.

With the park ranger

The guard was pessimistic after seeing some of the vitambis that guys were carrying generously. He thought we will take 5 hours to go and come back. After we started, Tutu, Langat and some others started walking in a hurry just to prove a point!!! After 15 minutes we began the ascent. It was amazing because all of a sudden, there was silence, not eerie but nevertheless loud silence, so loud that you could hear guys panting. After 2 hours we reached the top. Albeit in separate groups. As usual, Paul was the one leading from the back, slow but sure. His objective was to reach the top and not to reach the top panting. The scenery at the top was breathtaking. We spent 30minutes and then we began the descent. Imagine we took 1 hour from the top to the bottom. Guys started running. JD, tutu, Maurice, leading the pack as usual. The last man behind was the guard. He was amazed at the breathtaking speed. He thought the jamaas were high school kids. Anyway, we reached the base at 4pm and then had a cold drink. It was stupendous. We agreed the next OPK in June is a must. I hope you will be there.

More Photos…

Having lunch

Up for the challenge







At the gate














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