A tribute to motherhood

I may never, at a personal level, come to be in full appreciation of the wonders of motherhood. I may also not be able to impress upon others that which has been so fondly impressed upon my existence by beings who have not only continued to be a great influence on my development from childhood, but who have also left me with a semblance of that invaluable motherly touch, even when they were not close.

Despite all my mortal deficiencies and inefficiencies, I’m disposed to maintain that, from personal experience, I may still savour the satisfaction of accomplishing something that was initially not within my province.

Speaking of experiences, it would only be fair to the worthy reader to make certain illustrations as to what I refer to as the ‘marvels of motherhood’ encompasses.

There are many situations which, though being common in present societal circumstances, are unfortunate. Imagine the case of a young professional woman, just starting out life on her own. She has two children, born of different fathers. As fate would have it both fathers, in the best of their wisdom, have deemed it fit that their sons should be deprived of the pleasure of knowing who begot them, hence an incomplete family. Nevertheless the young lady does her best to raise the children in the best possible way, never letting them know of their blood differences but making of herself something they would have in common should they discover the truth.

From the above illustration, one would be inclined to infer that motherhood entails courage and commitment. However, a mother’s special characteristics are not only vindicated and revealed by showing love and commitment to those who are her own, for it is easier to love a friend than a stranger. From my own experiences I can say with emphatic certainty that the special characteristics exhibited by mothers are more profoundly appreciated when poured out to complete strangers, people to whom they have no direct genetic connection, or who are of no benefit to them in the immediate circumstances.

How easy would it be, perhaps, for a woman to take into her care a strange child devoid of any identity, and in those same circumstances still endeavour to do so with full conviction as to the virtuousness and the rationality of her acts, even when faced with opposition from family members and disapproval from friends. Or perhaps take in orphaned children, and sacrifice everything for them, love them as if they were her own offspring and render them the same recognition she does her other children, while expecting nothing in return.

I don’t expect precise answers to these questions since they may be of a nature far removed from my comprehension. And maybe in light of these considerations, it is God’s way of showing us what true love entails. Love that is so sure that it will give, not expecting anything in return. For it is in this same manner that God loved the human race. He manifested his Love in giving; giving to beings whom he never expected much of the same love from.

By Daniel Kobimbo

The writer is a 2nd year Bachelor of Law Student at the University of Nairobi

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