Abandoning Moscow

Moscow is the biggest city in Europe with a population of 11.5 million inhabitants. It is also the capital city of Russia, which is largely in Asia and the largest country in the world. Traditionally called the Third Rome, Moscow is a city of rich culture and proud tradition.

Two of its most dramatic moments came when European armies laid siege to the city in attempted pan-European hegemony. Napoleon’s 1812 adventure led to the annihilation of his grand army of 400,000 by cold and hunger. Hitler’s 1941 invasion of Russia led to the death of one million, but turned the tide against the German military machine. Two great empires whose backbones were snapped at the gates of Moscow!

There is a poignant moment in Leo Tolstoy’s Russian classic War and Peace that captures the fateful decision to evacuate Moscow and raze it to the ground rather than allow capture by Napoleon’s troops. After the decision is taken, one general makes a plaintive comment, “When did it become necessary that we must abandon Moscow?” Moscow was home, culture, where the heart was.

I thought of Moscow recently when I learnt of a national pro-abortion conference planned for September by the usual suspects. Abortion is a crime that dare not speak its name. So its defenders always use euphemisms, such as ‘maternal health’, ‘reproductive rights’ and ‘personal autonomy’.

The usual suspects don’t focus much on the real threats to maternal health like post-partum haemorrhage, obstructed labour and high blood pressure. They talk of reproductive rights when they are actually enemies of reproduction. They embrace personal autonomy, but not for the unborn child. Their real interest is to have the right to kill the unborn child, personhood be damned.

But I always wonder, why should Kenya Medical Association (KMA) be pro-abortion even though most doctors are pro-life? Kenya Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society (KOGS) and Federation of Kenya Women Lawyers (FIDA-K) are big stakeholders in maternal health. Majority of our ‘Obs-Gyn’ doctors and women lawyers are pro-life, like the rest of Kenya. Why, then, are KOGS and FIDA so pro-abortion?

I still keep a newspaper cutting of 29th July 2010, a week before the referendum. Several KOGS members had issued a statement arguing that the right to life clause (article 26) of Kenya’s new Constitution is more restrictive than before. How is it that the same KOGS is now hawking Safe Abortion Guidelines that seek to liberalise abortion even for under-age girls? How can FIDA(K) be attending local and international conferences actually boasting about liberalising abortion laws during Kenya’s reform process?

Dr Jean Kagia is an ‘Obs-Gyn’ doctor and founder of Protecting Life Movement Trust. The Trust’s goal is to set up rescue homes in every county for girls facing crisis pregnancies. She has a sharp retort to the pro-abortion crowd, “The problem of unwanted pregnancies in Kenya is a social, not medical, problem. The unborn child is not a disease.”

Dr John and Barbara Wilke’s online book, “Why can’t we love them both?”, has a concise and scientific expose of the fraud behind the abortion movement. Dr Bernard Nathanson’s “The Hand of God” is an insightful autobiography about a prominent American abortionist’s conversion to the prolife cause. Both books talk about the money, the fudged data and the physical, mental and social scars of abortion.

Democracy demands that Kenya’s new Constitution be interpreted the way majority of Kenyans understood it on 4th August 2010 and per the common good. Then, it was sold to us as a pro-life document. Now already, the pro-abortion crowd is working to change its interpretation. Their success or failure will define the Constitution’s authenticity, whether it will be a great social experiment or a fraud.

Kenya’s Constitution is being assailed like 1812 Moscow. Its defenders may have to eventually issue a plaintive cry as they contemplate the ruins of Kenya’s constitutional moment, “When did it become necessary that we must abandon Moscow?”

Charles Kanjama

(The author is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya).

Adopted from www.lifematters.co.ke with the kind permission of the author

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