The myth of overpopulation resurfaces

– The myth of overpopulation, first put forth by Malthus, coupled with Darwinian theories that promote propagation of the “fit” and reduction of the “unfit,” has been instrumental in legitimizing abortion, forced sterilization, government subsidized contraception, and, in the most extreme cases, eugenics as practiced by the Nazis and others…  –

More than 200 years ago, a British scholar, Thomas Malthus, predicted that the rapidly growing population on earth would outstrip the planet’s ability to provide food, resulting in endemic levels of starvation. Needless to say, this prediction never came true.

Perhaps you might venture to ask, “What about the recent deaths, as a result of hunger, in Northern Kenya and the greater Horn of Africa?” Of course at first glance, it might actually appear that Malthus did actually get it right on the substance of the prediction and only wrong on the timing – that he was 200 years off target! This is what the media and a number of moneyed organizations want us to believe. For some reason, the newsmakers – media, non-governmental organizations and the government – are out to establish a non-existent connection between the current drought and the growing population of our country.

How else, then, would one explain the recent resurgence of adverts promoting family planning and those condemning Kenyans as being irresponsible for allowing their numbers to grow too fast? What about the increasing number of articles in the print media trying to show the benefits of smaller, “healthier” families?

The record needs to be set straight, otherwise millions of Kenyans end up being deceived on a daily basis on the reality of things. We are being fed on propaganda funded by foreign powers in their attempt, if not to control us, to at least reduce us to their levels of desperation.

It must first be stated that there is no correlation whatsoever between the current drought in the Horn of Africa and the growing population in the affected countries. It is a well documented fact that the Northern part of Kenya is the least populated part of this country and that the drought is just a result of a natural phenomenon – climate change. Therefore to try and link population growth and the starvation in the North is ridiculous.

I recently read an article in which one person, a practicing Christian opposed to abortion and all, states that even though she is a ‘pro-lifer’ she agrees that overpopulation is a problem in some countries and that ‘there are clearly limits to the carrying capacity of the Earth.’ She goes on to say that she ‘would hate to live in the human equivalent of an anthill’.

Unfortunately this is what organizations like Marie Stopes International, the USAID, the various UN groups and such other entities want us to believe. What they will never tell us is that in all the countries they cite as having a large increase in population and the “related problems”, overpopulation is not the real problem but war and greed which prevent the abundant resources from being adequately distributed.

Our planet is quite capable of sustaining the current, and an even greater population, contrary to what some people want us to believe. Advances in agricultural technologies have made starvation potentially obsolete in all the countries with good government and political structures. The real causes of starvation are war, greed, and groups who control resources in order to control people in their regions. It can be shown that rapid population growth does not cause hunger; the two go together only because they are both consequences of similar social realities: inequality and the resultant poverty.

Looking at the history of all the developed nations, it can be seen that at the time of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, one resource also had to grow remarkably for the unprecedented socio-economic growth at the time to be sustained: human population. It is therefore quite ironical that the countries which benefited from this revolution are the same ones currently pushing for a reduction in the populations of the least developed nations. How are these poor nations, then, to achieve social and economic growth if serious attempts are being made to eliminate the most important factor of production?

The latest (2010) UN report on population shows that the world’s population will reach 7 billion by October 2011; 9.3 billion by 2050 and the numbers will continue to grow until the end of the century, reaching 10.1 billion in 2100. The irony in these figures (which maybe the UN has not noticed, or was not expecting anyone to notice) is that they blatantly contradict currently known facts about human fertility. Today’s young adults the world over are too enamored of professional ambition, sex and city life to think about marriage. The best they can do without compromising these things is to get one or at most two children out of whatever relationship they find themselves in.

The UNDP (an arm of the UN) in a separate document admits that population growth rates are declining in 79 developed countries and several others in the less developed world. By giving the former figures alongside the latter, the UN is actually predicting that birthrates will rise again at some point within the next 90 years! The jury is still out on whether this contradiction is a “mistake” or sheer manipulation of numbers. It has been suggested that the figures on population growth have been cooked up in order to justify the continuation and expansion of population control and abortion propaganda.

Another aspect can also be explored: Taking a look at the organizations funding programs on family planning and population control in Kenya, you will see names such as European Community; Embassy of Finland; KfW Entwicklungsbank; Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GTZ); Direct Relief International; the Compton Foundation, among others. Of interest to note is the funding from Finland and Germany (GTZ), two countries which at the moment are grappling with a population crisis. No, they don’t have high populations. Theirs is a crisis of an aging and dying population. This has been as a result of implementing the same methods of birth control and abortion they are currently encouraging us to adopt. One wonders what their interest is in all this.

All these false notions being propagated by these organizations and governments undermine God’s commandment to “multiply” and further serve to dent the intrinsic value of every human as being made in the image of God. To quote the Population Research Institute (PRI), yes, “we agree that the world’s 7 billionth human is a cause for celebration – a victory over death!”

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