Get Together with Vincent Ogutu

Vincent addressing students

On Saturday the 11thof June 2011 we had the pleasure of having Vincent Ogutu in Satima for the get-together with university students. Vincent, himself a former resident of Satima, started by telling us how the residence was when they moved in for the first time 18 years ago, and how they had to carry out the painting of the house and other minor repairs during the university holidays.


After a brief introduction by the students (and some ‘ex-students’) in the get-together, he went on to tell us about his educational background and some of his working experiences.

Vincent studied B.A. (that most overlooked course in any university in the world!) at theUniversityofNairobiwhere he specialized in Economics. He later did his Masters degree at theUniversityofLondonand is currently a Fulbright scholar pursuing his PhD atRutgersBusinessSchoolin theUnited States.

After his graduation from theUniversityofNairobi, he had a short stint at the Nation Media where he left when he realized that his youthful ambitions of becoming a journalist was not going to get him where he wanted to be. He also had to reject a job offer from PwC for the same reason. He later worked as a programmer atStrathmoreSchool, then as a bursar in the same institution before embarking on a teaching career.

Several years later, he joined theStrathmoreBusinessSchoolas the MBA Program Manager after serving for some years as the Deputy Principal atStrathmoreSchool.

After this (brief?) introduction he went on to speak about careers in general and the importance of following a career where a balance is achieved between what one is skilled in and what one loves doing. In this, it has to be kept in mind that a career is something that one will be doing for the rest of his life. “If you fail to do this,” he said (not for the last time that evening), “you are sunk.”

In general, it was a very informative get-together especially for the students who would soon be graduating (and there were a number in room) on how to survive out there by discovering and exploiting their strong points, tat is, their talents.

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