Letter from the Editor

It is with great pleasure that I write the editorial for this first issue of the Literati. It is the fruit of weeks of hard work for everyone who was involved at all stages of the magazine – from the inception of the idea to the fundraising and finally its publication.

The name literati is in Latin (plural of literatus) which was used in the nineteenth century by the British to denote a man who earned his living by writing about literature – the essayist, the journalist and the critic.

The magazine borrows its name from a literary club which exists in Satima Study Centre – a university students’ residence situated along Ojijo Road in Parklands, Nairobi. The Club was started with the objective of helping the students who attend the activities in Satima develop and improve on their written and spoken communication, improve their cultural knowledge and, most importantly, as an activity in which the members can interact in an informal setting and have fun, while keeping people updated on what’s happening in Satima. This particular issue of the magazine is therefore a synthesis of some of the writings by the club members.

The magazine is, therefore, just one of the activities of the club. The members conceived the idea with the hope of using the magazine to raise money towards the UNIV Congress – a university students’ forum that takes place every year in Rome, Italy, during Easter. The money raised is to be used to partly sponsor some of the students from Satima to attend the congress next year.

I would like to thank all those who submitted their articles for publication; those who gave useful suggestions on how this first issue could be improved upon and all those who helped us raise the money to cover the costs of publication. Without them, what you are now reading would never have become a reality.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine. We will be glad to receive any suggestions on how we can improve the future issues. Essays, book and movie reviews, poems and short stories intended for publication can also be forwarded to the Editor at theliterati@gmail.com. We will be happy to publish them in the next issue of the magazine.

Sylvester Oluoch,                                                                                                            Editor.

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