ENG360 – Inspiring Engineers across the Divide

Want to know what it entails being an engineer? Want to feel the challenges that engineers face in there day-to-day life? Or do you want to experience the comfort and warmth of being among your fellow colleagues who are also pursuing the same profession, the noble profession that makes community life as well as the socio-economic life roll on with smoothness?

Then ENG360 is your better option, if not the best.

Engineering 360 is a successful and vibrant club at Satima formed with the core aim of consolidating engineering students with a mission of infusing them with the practical skills necessary for an engineer. It is a success in itself in many inexplicable ways. It is a motivator to all young and upcoming engineers who have the courage to face engineering challenges with an iron will. The bottom-line mission of this magnificent club cuts across all the disciplines and engineering departments.

As a club, it has equipped its members with all the knowledge needed in the outside world….out of their cocoons. It is in itself a booster to the mental capacity and brain-power of the future engineers of this very world we live in. It is needless to say of how the club has helped its members to think prudently and make magnanimous efforts so as to fit in the shoes of there role model engineers.

Making the club lively, the members watch a documentary on famous engineering projects. By this, the upcoming engineers learn about the art of perfection and countless challenges experienced by engineers as they strive to complete the projects in a specified timeline. These grand projects include the Japan Airport, the Palm Island, PETRONAS Towers, to mention just but a few.

The aim of the club is clear: to mould future engineers and help realize their potential and what the society expects from them…not what they expect from the society.

Meet me in the company of the club members at Satima Study Centre, a centre of spiritual, moral, and academic excellence!

By Wycliffe Juma

Wycliffe is a 1st year BSc. (Mechanical Engineering) student at the University of Nairobi.

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