The Literati is a Club for those who aspire to be great writers and readers; for those who write just for fun; for those who would like to learn how to write… for YOU who are reading this Notice!

The Literati is for those who want to open up their thoughts and empty their minds of the song within; that they may neither lay to rest nor to waste the fruits of their creative talents.

And if this invitation proves successful, we will succeed in creating the Satima Archives; we will soon vocalize the poems and deliver the speeches, perform the plays and produce a quarterly magazine –The Literati.

And now the onus is on you that have a passion for writing. The Literati needs your wits as well as your scripts; they could be poems, speeches, plays, book reviews, movie reviews… anything that can be put into words as long as the moral touch isn’t lost among many empty words! These, together, shall form our Satima Archives.

Original contributions will be highly valued; copyright restrictions will be respected. The Literati will neither publish nor store submissions that seem to infringe on these regulations.

Literati Articles

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