A spade, not a big spoon

‘Unsafe abortions’, ‘Unwanted pregnancies’. Quite often we hear these words yet nothing strikes us as being out of place. This is the lingo commonly used by abortion or reproductive health advocates.

Their campaign would likely have a different resonance were they to clamor out ‘Kill the babies’ or ‘Unwanted babies’.

Yet this is the reality. How can we specify abortions as either safe or unsafe while it is essentially the murder of the unborn child. Very few dare say that life begins at birth, as there is no scientific grounding for that. Yet the life of the mother often times overshadows that of the baby.

I don’t intend here to diminish the mother’s right to life but to emphasise the baby’s, and more so because it can’t fight for it’s rights.

It is apparent that there is a serious moral crisis in our society today which is the primary cause of unwanted pregnancies. Our children grow up stuffed with the notion that protected sex has no consequences.

Rather than cultivating the virtues of chastity and fidelity, we offer them condoms and hope that the problem has been solved. This is wishful thinking.

One vice leads to another and logically; issuing out condoms leads to loose morals which leads to unwanted babies and hence abortion.

The solution clearly cannot be to offer safe abortions. Abortions are not safe by their very nature for at least one person dies. To claim that too many mothers die from unsafe abortions is like saying too many murderers die when committing murder.

True, we should not be too judgmental but the truth needs to be said. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and hope that the oncoming lion will not spot us.

We need to find another way out. I propose, and so do many others, a campaign for chastity and fidelity. This is surely a most effective way of solving the problem of abortion, and say bye bye to HIV/AIDS as well.

Very few are talking about it.  This articles intends not to convince you but at least to begin the debate. Think about it.

by Peter Maina

One comment to “A spade, not a big spoon”
  1. It’s true that truth hurts but it remains just that-the truth. I think its the high time we realized that and aligned our thinking to concur with it no matter how hard it maybe. Otherwise we will be living a lie despite calling ourselves enlightened and civilized. Let’s join the campaign.

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